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Lost & Found for Amazon FBA

The smart tool for Amazon FBA sellers performs an automated analysis of all FBA transactions and reveals hidden refund claims!

Amazon management tool

Lost & Found at a glance

If you use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you should definitely monitor all your FBA transactions. This is the only way to uncover and file refund claims that arise from errors during the FBA process. Otherwise, you could lose thousands of dollars each year that you should have been entitled to.

Lost & Found supports you in your day-to-day business by monitoring your FBA transactions for you and automatically analyzing all your FBA reports. Not only does this save you time, the smart tool usually finds more claims than manual monitoring.

The found cases are clearly presented in the tool, so you can gather all the information at a glance. In addition, Lost & Found provides you with a pre-written cover letter. You can then simply copy and paste this letter into SellerCentral – and you have already applied for your refund!

If Amazon does not immediately agree to the refund, our Customer Success Team will be happy to support you and plan the next steps with you: Every rejected refund claim is manually checked by us for correctness.

Get your money back with
SellerLogic Lost & Found!

Without intelligent tools for Amazon, even FBA errors can hardly be identified, or only with enormous effort. This is because it would be necessary to evaluate up to twelve FBA reports every day.
However, if you do not claim the refunds you are entitled to, you will lose a lot of money! Often, merchants lack the know-how or the necessary time to check all FBA reports individually for inconsistencies and to interpret any errors that may have occurred. Amazon sellers who do not use a tool for their FBA refunds are missing out on an average of €6,480.90 each year.
SellerLogic makes the FBA errors visible and supports you in preparing the data, documenting the cases and communicating with Amazon. Thus, it belongs in every Amazon Tools Set for Seller:s who use FBA.

Average missing
each year

Nobody’s perfect

FBA errors happen – SellerLogic Lost & Found makes them visible

FBA fees calculation

The calculation of FBA fees is also a complex process and is automated at Amazon. Among other things, they are based on the dimensions of the product and the recorded marketplaces.

Сomplex logistics processes

The employees in Amazon’s shipping centers are involved in many complex logistics processes and are under enormous time and efficiency pressure.

Automation to support

Amazon also relies on automation to support its logistics employees. For example, additional merchandise management systems, booking systems, payment systems and transport systems carry out work steps in the fulfillment centers. In addition to deliveries from Amazon FBA sellers, returns from customers arrive at the logistics centers, which have to be checked and booked.

Misplaced, damaged or booked goods

With such complex processes, errors cannot be avoided. For example, goods can be misplaced, damaged or booked incorrectly as part of the logistics processes. FBA errors can happen, but they must not go undetected.

Lost & Found for Amazon shows all undiscovered refund claims

When our Amazon analytics tool finds a suspicious transaction, a separate case is created with all relevant information such as the FNSKU, case type and price. In addition, the cases are divided into different case states so that you can view the current status at any time:

  • New cases: cases that have not yet been processed by the user.
  • In process: reaction from Amazon pending
  • In review: pending response from SellerLogic
  • Closed

Various filters also allow you to easily find the data you are looking for. In the tool, you can also specify which events you want to be notified about via browser notification or email.

Amazon FBA sellers need tools to enforce your rights

Successful analysis of individual transactions requires consolidation of multiple FBA reports that may need to capture long periods of time. Manual or even Excel-based processing of this data is not economically feasible due to the complexity and enormous time required. In addition, due to the human factor, such analyses are significantly more error-prone than the automated search of a software. Therefore, FBA sellers on Amazon should rely on intelligent tools that take over this task. This will save you time and money!
Sandra Schriewer has also had many good experiences with SellerLogic Lost & Found:

A complex system with simple operation

A structured and self-explanatory presentation with all relevant information enables fast and efficient processing. The claims found are explained and documented in detail. Before you hand the case over to Amazon, you are able to fully understand the facts of the case and identify the likely reimbursement amount.
The smart tool carefully prepares all found cases and composes the cover letter to Amazon for you. All you have to do is copy and paste the data into SellerCentral and send it off. This creates the best conditions for a well-founded case opening.

An all-round carefree package

MIt SellerLogic Lost & Found makes it easy for you to refund FBA errors that have occurred. The tool finds the errors for you and prepares them in an Amazon-friendly way, so that you only have to transfer the information to SellerCentral. If Amazon doesn’t immediately agree to a refund, our Customer Success team, which has a lot of experience with Amazon FBA processes, will support you. This additional manual check allows us to provide you with ideal support.

Easy connection and menu navigation

Our goal is to take as much work off the sellers hands as possible by automating complex and time-consuming processes. That is why we rely on:

  • Fast and easy connection via the Amazon MWS API
  • Clear, self-explanatory presentation in the tool
  • Support from professionals in communication with Amazon

Your advantages

Choose to be reimbursed for your FBA errors! Book SellerLogic Lost & Found – otherwise you may lose a lot of money.

Automatic analysis
Simple, intuitive use
Historical verification
Support from professionals
Enormous time saving
Automatic analysis

(01) FBA Sellers should review all FBA transactions (up to 12 reports) and analyze for errors for proper error capture. This may be feasible for a few FBA movements, but as your business grows and you offer a wider range of products, it becomes almost impossible to cover economically. Let Lost & Found work while you have more time for other tasks.

Simple, intuitive use
Historical verification
Support from professionals
Enormous time saving

Fair conditions

Our fee is only charged for cases that Amazon actually reimburses you for.

We do not charge a base fee. Basically, the commission is calculated on the basis of the refund provided by Amazon. An exception to this is late or non-existent cooperation from the user:inside. For this cooperation reaction times are named by the system. If these expire, the commission is charged regardless of the further processing of the case.
Claim your Amazon FBA refund now before your claim expires!

Only 20% of the value of the actual refund
No additional costs *
* Provided that the deadlines for processing the cases are respected by the users.
Unless otherwise stated, our prices are exclusive of applicable VAT


Handling the cases?

What are the case types?

Do I have to manually enter each result of a case in SellerLogic to communicate the result or does it happen automatically?

Does SellerLogic close cases on its own using the information from Seller Central?

Contract information

How long is the cancellation period?

Does SellerLogic have access to customer data?

Do I have to use SellerLogic Lost & Found in a package with the dynamic repricer for Amazon?


How are the fees for Lost & Found calculated?

What data is required and how is it used?

Is the Lost & Found fee already deducted in the closed cases under „actual refund“?

What happens if I do not process displayed cases?

How does Lost & Found work?

How does Lost & Found get the FBA data?

My cases do not show an estimated refund. What could be the reason for this?

My SellerCentral access is blocked, what should I do now?

Why has Amazon reversed refunds?

Does Lost & Found comply with Amazon’s policies?

Do I need to request and import more reports?

How often do you reconcile Amazon payouts with Lost & Found cases?

I have used another „Reimbursement System“ in the past. Can Lost & Found be used or will there possibly be duplicates in the cases?

For what period of time can Amazon errors be claimed?

Mit Repricing positionieren Sie Ihre Angebote fur Kaufer Attraktiv und gut sichtbar in der Amazon Buy Box Im Protfolio sind zwei dynamische tools, die sich mit wenigen Klicks an das Amazon – Verkaufer – Konto anbinden lassen. Beide sparen Amazon-Verkaufen vei Zelt, wahrend sei automatisiert Verkaufe und Gewinne optimieren. Mit Repricing positionieren Sie Ihre Angebote fur Kaufer Attraktiv und gut sichtbar in der Amazon Buy Box Im Protfolio sind zwei dynamische tools, die sich mit wenigen Klicks an das Amazon – Verkaufer – Konto anbinden lassen. Beide sparen Amazon-Verkaufen vei Zelt, wahrend sei automatisiert Verkaufe und Gewinne optimieren

What our customers say about SellerLogic Lost & Found

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The most important at a glance

ø 6.480,90 € unclaimed FBA refunds annually

Get your money back quickly and easily thanks to automation

Errors can be claimed retroactively for up to 18 months

Save time and money with our smart tool

Fair terms – No basic fee*.

* Provided that the user’s meet the deadlines for processing the cases. Unless otherwise stated, our prices are exclusive of applicable VAT.