Successful on Amazon with the Repricer

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Your Amazon store – your rules. Also for repricing! Keep control of your prices and your sales strategy on Amazon with the Repricer from SellerLogic – because it places your products with the highest possible price in the Buy Box.

Price adjustment in real time

Amazon’s algorithm awards the Buy Box to the offer that best serves the customer’s demand. A whole range of metrics play a role in this evaluation – including the product price. So, contrary to what many sellers believe, price is not the sole determinant of which offer is awarded the Buy Box. The SellerLogic algorithm therefore does not try to optimize for the lowest price, but for the highest possible price – and thus to get the optimal sales for the merchant.

To ensure that you can beat your competitors at any time and thus always remain competitive, the SellerLogic solution is connected to Amazon quickly and easily via the Amazon MWS API. The high availability and scalability of the system are also guaranteed by hosting it on Amazon AWS.

Dynamic Repricing on Amazon –
Trust the Best!

SellerLogic’s dynamic repricer reacts quickly and automatically to your competitors‘ price adjustments on Amazon and positions your offers attractively and visibly in the Buy Box – according to your rules.

With the comprehensive and free onboarding by our Customer Success Team, we prepare your start for a successful repricing, as individual as your business on Amazon!

What makes SellerLogic the best repricing tool on Amazon?

How rule-based repricers work

A rule-based repricer wins the Buy Box with a rigid optimization rule, such as „90 cents below the lowest price.“ The user can set the price difference.

However, other factors, such as customer satisfaction, are also important in winning the Buy Box. The extent to which a merchant meets these factors is constantly changing on Amazon. The rules-based repricer does not take these metrics into account when competing for the Buy Box.

You win the Buy Box with the cheapest price, even though your performance allows a much higher price – so you lose margin and revenue.

This is how repricing works on Amazon with the repricer SellerLogic

You use the minimum and maximum price to define the price range in which the repricer operates on Amazon. The first goal of the repricer is to win the buy box.

SellerLogic’s repricing tool, designed specifically for Amazon, is based on intelligent, algorithmic and BigData technology. In the first step, our solution wins the Buy Box for your offer, in the second step, SellerLogic Repricer ensures that the product price is raised again and you keep the Buy Box with the highest possible price. This way you remain competitive at all times.

You decide how the prices are optimized. The settings range from fully automatic Buy Box optimization to optimization to a specific position within the seller list to time- and sales-based control of sales figures.

Individual optimization – as unique as your business

Take full advantage of Amazon’s capabilities with SellerLogic’s Repricer. Our repricing tool adapts to your business and offers significantly more options than the „main thing-cheap strategy“ of many other solutions. You decide how our automatic price adjustment on Amazon works for you.

The different strategies allow the tool to set the perfect price on Amazon. SellerLogic’s Repricer can therefore be used by both sellers of retail goods and private label sellers. Helpful filters and the possibility to create your very own individual strategy allow SellerLogic’s algorithmic repricer to adapt perfectly to your business.

Less work, more Buy Box – Choose your strategy

Buy Box

Pole position at the best price on Amazon

SellerLogic Repricer places your items in the Buy Box and optimizes the price until maximum performance is extracted from your sales price. You alone determine the price range in which our tool may move by setting minimum and maximum prices. Price optimization is fully automated and you can optimize the prices of individual products as well as entire product groups.

Increase of the share of the Buy Box – with the highest possible price

Increase in sales figures and margin

Price optimization taking into account the margin

Prevention of price erosion

Time and unit number based price optimization, e.g. for private label sellers

Individually definable time period in which optimization is to take place

Optimal balance between price and demand

Maximization of margin in case of high demand


Сontrol product prices based on order numbers

Let the repricer react to your sales figures. You specify the minimum number of times an item must be sold in a given time period and how pricing should be adjusted based on that. If a set price does not reach the sales target on Amazon, the repricer turns the price screw down by a few cents, for example, to create a higher incentive to buy. If, on the other hand, the sales figures go up again, SellerLogic adjusts the sales price upwards again. In this way, you achieve the optimal balance between margin and sales.


Your requirements, your strategy

Play by your own rules – even on Amazon! SellerLogic’s Repricer provides you with different parameters (e.g. price gap, seller, list type, number of valuations, etc.) so that you can easily and flexibly represent special scenarios. As with the Buy Box strategy, you can manually optimize both individual products and entire product groups.

Individually adaptable to your needs

Many different parameters to choose from

Targeted optimization on specific competitors possible

Exclusion of competitors possible

Control of sales figures during the course of the day

Better rankings in Amazon search due to higher sales figures during the course of the day

No price drop due to constant starting price at midnight

Daily Push

Dynamic price adjustment during the day

With this strategy it is possible to sell a defined quantity of items at a certain price and further items at a higher or lower price depending on the sales figures. To do this, the merchant can define a starting price at which the sale starts again at 0:00 every day. Then you can define one or more price ranges within which the price – depending on buying behavior – can be automatically raised or lowered.

Save time – create product groups and assign strategies

A few mouse clicks are enough to combine individual products into groups with the SellerLogic Repricing Tool. This way you can assign different optimization strategies to individual matching products or entire product groups. This makes your work with the repricer easier and saves you valuable time, which you can invest in your business elsewhere instead.

The time control for more flexibility

Decide for yourself when SellerLogic Repricer adjusts your prices

You determine when to suspend current strategies.

Pause repricing strategies for all active products or individual product groups.

Set the period when prices are not adjusted with just a few clicks.

You decide which fixed price applies at the strategy stop – the maximum or minimum price, start price or the current price.

Import and export

Automate your processes by connecting your inventory management with SellerLogic.


Our import function has 138 fields per SKU. This makes it possible to operate all settings via import. Each field can be edited individually. The complete data record of the product does not need to be imported. Just three mandatory fields are enough to assign the parameters uniquely to the product.


During export you have full flexibility with 256 fields per SKU. Create templates that contain only the desired fields and they will be included in the export. Once the fields are defined, custom filters can be applied to make the export as accurate as possible.

Export metrics for up to 20 competitors

Make accurate decisions at the right time using the competitor data export. You can export all key metrics for up to 20 competitors per product. A lot of information such as price, shipping method, buy box winner is available.

Higher efficiency through control – the SellerLogic Dashboard

In-depth analyses and optimal preparation of all important information

Order history of the last 14 days
Number of orders in the last 24 hours
Buy box distribution
How often we change your prices
Know when your customers buy
Order history of the last 14 days

On the heatmap, you can see when your customers buy from you. This allows you to plan and successfully implement targeted promotions on the desired days and at the desired hour.

Number of orders in the last 24 hours
Buy box distribution
How often we change your prices
Know when your customers buy

Flexible and fair pricing

The costs for using SellerLogic Repricer are scaled according to the number of listed SKUs per marketplace

Your price

Unless otherwise stated, our prices are exclusive of applicable VAT.

No costs until the end of the free test period

Are you switching from another repricing provider to SellerLogic?
With us for the transition period you pay … nothing

Use SellerLogic free of charge until the end of your current contract (maximum 12 months) with your previous provider, as long as you have not used SellerLogic Repricer in the past.

Offer Offer
Free use
Start of the subscription with the current provider
Start of use of SellerLogic
End of the subscription with the old provider

Detailed price history

Qualified projections with extensive historical data

With our Amazon Price Tracker you can always see how fast the market is changing. You can track price changes for each product and have the perfect overview of your SellerLogic repricer’s work. With just one click you can see how your prices and those of your competitors have developed in the past.

The most important
at a glance

Save valuable time and money.

With SellerLogic, Amazon price optimization works regardless of country.

Increase your sales by winning the Buy Box.

We provide comprehensive monitoring and price history.

Increase your margin in a fully automated way.

Rely on the highest standards of data protection and security.

Determine the strategy of algorithmic price optimization.

Benefit from our all-inclusive support from Amazon professionals that helps you strategically align your business.

Have prices automatically adjusted according to your specifications.

Test the system now for 14 days free of charge and without obligati

Increase your sales by winning the Be completely flexible with SellerLogic’s modular systemBox.