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Our Mission

SellerLogic’s mission is the development of new, intelligent and trend-setting solutions for the rapidly growing E-commerce market.

The SellerLogic solution is a source of inspiration for the E-commerce industry: the current SellerLogic solution includes two dynamic tools that can be connected to the Amazon’s merchant account with just a few clicks: SellerLogic Repricer and SellerLogic Lost & Found. Both tools allow Amazon marketers to save time and increase productivity while generating maximum profits.

At SellerLogic we focus on how the tools work for the sellers. Our own experience and customer feedback allows us to provide the most efficient tools in order to help our users achieve their main and most important goals.

That is why we are not satisfied with status quo, but are already planning new smart solutions for sellers.

But don’t just take our word for it, according to the leading industry magazine “t3n”, our tools for Amazon are a guarantor for marketplace success.

The birth of an idea

As an independent Amazon seller, Igor Branopolski encountered many problems that he solves today with his tools. In May 2011 he saw the problem that many repricers only changed the price statically. For this reason he decided to develop a dynamic and smart repricer.

May 2011
December 2015

First Public Beta trial of the Repricer for Amazon

After 4 years of planning, development and reflection, he was satisfied with the development of his idea. Right at this point he decided to make it available to the public with the release of the first beta trial of SellerLogic’s Repricer for Amazon.

GoLive of the SellerLogic Repricer for Amazon

After only 4 months and an overwhelmingly positive response from beta trial participants, the SellerLogic Repricer for Amazon went live. Since then, many sellers have been using the tool to win the Buy Box with the optimal price.

March 2016
May 2017

The discovery of a barely noticed problem

Igor Branopolski also used the Amazon FBA service during his time as a seller and realized that applying for reimbursements due to FBA errors was incredibly complicated and time-consuming. This led to the idea for the second smart SellerLogic tool: Lost & Found for FBA.

GoLive of SellerLogic Lost & Found for FBA

Only 1.5 years later, the product SellerLogic Lost & Found for FBA could already be launched in live operation.

November 2018

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